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Support The Rascals!

Win a Packtalk Edge Duo!

Valued at $1100 AUD we have 14 prizes in total for our first giveaway! Giveaway ends January 13th 2024, if you're looking for extra entries be sure to become a Rascal by signing up for our monthly subscriptions and score yourself a free pair of socks. Hop to it!



Rip It!

Giveaways, Merch, Gifts, and Community

Welcome Rascal! We're here to build a community of bike-minded people! In a world that thrives on identity, brand building, and spreading joy, we understand the importance of creating meaningful relationships and solidarity.


Our mission is simple: The Rip It Rascals believe that giveaways are not just promotional tools; they are the building blocks of sincere connections and promote the comradery of our beloved avocations. We have an opportunity to do more than ride, we have a chance to change our communities for the better, no matter what cause you care for.


Join us on our journey as we explore the endless possibilities of unity (with plenty of giveaways).


It's more than the Australian way, It's the Rip It way.

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